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Issues: We All Got ‘em
Written by:
Laterras R. Whitfield

Angie Stone Darrin Henson Kim Fields
Dave Hollister Christopher Williams Latoya London

Dallas-based playwright Laterras R. Whitfield is changing the rules by confronting Christians and theatergoers with the unadulterated truth in a refreshing, raw, candid, and unapologetic play. Let it be known: This is not your typical gospel stage play. Issues: We All Got ‘em brings you infidelity, unmet expectations, abusive relationships, paternity, and the hard won lesson that love and sex are “mutually exclusive.”

Eavesdrop into the lives of seven distinct individuals as each has a turn confronting unresolved ISSUES. Some have reached a point of emotional detachment while others seek spiritual obedience to overcome past ISSUES.

Everyone knows that things aren’t always what they seem in the lives of the people we think we know. Enter Mike and Vivian Reynolds--a seemingly “happy” and devoted married Christian couple secretly battling the pains of betrayal and adultery.

Vivian is the anchor to a circle of girlfriends and fellow book club members: Chastity, the successful investment banker, who feels she’s priced herself out of the male market because men feel threatened by her six-figure salary; Joy, the mother of three, who struggles with her new life as a Christian while dealing with secrets in her past; and Talisha, the promiscuous chick, who believes in getting what she wants from men at whatever cost--including those with marital obligations.

Mike is a motivational speaker, fixing other people’s lives while seeking out the advice of his comrades, Jason and Delvin. Jason is a financially successful Christian who believes women are gold diggers. Delvin, expresses no particular religious beliefs and has deep-rooted trust ISSUES with women.

Full of twists, turns, and unexpected consequences of personal actions, Issues: We All Got ‘em is a dramatic yet comical stage play that focuses on provocative, identifiable human affairs and leaves you begging for more.

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Laterras R. Whitfield [ AUTHOR ]
Who would've thought that an expulsion from one's High School for gun possession, would be the destined measure to catapult that person into their purpose? Writer, director, and actor Laterras R. Whitfield is the effect of such cause.

At the rocky age of sixteen, he was expelled from High School for gun possession. Luckily, it was taken to be sold and not shot. He then enrolled in an alternative school for expelled youth to finish his sophomore year. It was there that he was first introduced to professional theatre. He was one of seven selected students chosen to take part in the student written and performed play entitled, Real Life. Moreover, this awarded young Whitfield recognition as a published playwright. The acclaim he received after this project, led him to realize his gift of writing.

Now at the enlightened age of twenty-five, Whitfield believes that "so often, African American, gospel plays are produced that degrade black men, surfacing problems without revealing the solution." So this trailblazer plans to focus on Christian based plays that cater to the redemption of males.

Local theater companies in Dallas, Texas have produced some of his other works. Showing his diversity he penned plays such as: Unseen Teens (teen drama), Who Drank the Kool-Aid? (comedy/mystery), and Lunch Line Blues (kid's comedy/drama), to name a few. He recently won TeCo Theatrical Productions One Act Play Competition and received a $1,000 cash award and two round trip American Airlines tickets.

God has blessed him to be is the writer and director of What Men Don't Tell and Tell It to the Judge (starring Judge Greg Mathis), both of which are on national tour.

Ultimately, his mission is to bring quality, innovative, Christian plays to a hurting nation. Mr. Whitfield's prayer is that through viewing his plays, men will assume their roles as leaders in their marriages. Furthermore, be on the lookout for his upcoming national production entitled, Thinking with the Wrong Head.

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Angie Stone
In the ever-changing universe of contemporary music, there are very few artists who have remained as creatively consistent as singer, songwriter, producer and actress Angie Stone. Whether belting out tunes on Broadway (most recently she appeared as Big Mama Morton in the Tony Award winning production of Chicago) or crafting new songs on the tour bus, Angie Stone fiercely manages to bring real soul to the table. After having a number one single “No More Rain” on her debut Black Diamond and selling over 1.2 million records worldwide with her last disc Mahogany Love, the macktress is back and she’s out to get the man.

With Angie Stone’s brilliant third solo disc Stone Love, this fiery songstress is out to prove that it takes more than a few dips of the hip to be a true diva.“ I wanted a title that conjured the same sense of love that I captured on the record,” Angie declares, “There is motherly and sisterly love, man and woman love, but no love is stronger than Stone Love.” Indeed, with Stone Love as her most accomplished work to date, Angie Stone is ready to join the pantheon of sassy soul sisters that includes Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Betty Wright.

On Stone Love’s first single “I Wanna Thank You,” Angie has created the perfect uptempo summer jam. Already imagining fans blasting the track at backyard cookouts or roller-skating beneath colorful strobes, Angie says, “I wanted to make a song that would give people the feel of summer whenever they played it. And the fact that I got Snoop on ‘I Wanna Thank You’ simply adds the the spicy sauce to the barbecue.”

Having began her career in the groundbreaking rap trio Sequence, the versatile Ms. Stone has worn many hats in the house of music. From playing saxophone in Lenny Kravitz’s band, to writing songs with D’Angelo, to performing with Raphael Saadiq, the talented Angie Stone refuses to let any moss grow. “I’ve always believed in trying to be as diverse as possible,” Stone says modestly.

“Performing and writing with others helps me to strengthen my own sound for my personal projects.”

Featured on the sizzling retro track “That Kind,” Angie Stone got yet another chance to collaborate with seventies shero Betty Wright. “The first time we worked together,” Angie recalls, “was when Betty bought me in to work with her and Joss Stone on (the record) The Soul Sessions. “To me, Betty Wright is the truth when it comes to soul singing,” Angie says of the singer who in 1970’s recorded the classic song “Clean Up Woman.” Says Angie, “When I found out that Betty would be in town when I was recording ‘That Kind’ I invited her to the studio. It’s special when you can make a song with an artist always admired. I just love her to death.”

Sounding like a shook champagne bottle bubbling all over the place, Angie Stone hooks up with Brit-soul sensation Floetry to create the standout track “My Love.”

Although there is much love in Angie Stone’s heart, the sister has also been through her share of sadness. Speaking directly to her no good fellow, “U-Haul” documents her trying to escape. Of course, Stone Love wouldn’t have been complete if Angie Stone hadn’t been able to record a duet with her new fave soul man Anthony Hamilton. “Although I’ve known him for a while, this was the first opportunity we got to work with each other,” Angie Stone says. “But, anyone who listens to us on ‘Stay For A While’ will hear that we’re kindred spirits.”

With Angie Stone’s soulful sass, electric emotions and funky fineness, Stone Love is a seminal disc rhythmic aficionados for years to come.

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Darrin Dewitt Henson
Darrin Dewitt Henson grew to fame when playing Lem Van Adams on the hit Showtime series “Soul Food.” For four seasons, Henson has given a compelling performance of a street hustler turned husband, father and businessman.

Depicting Lem was no difficult task for Henson because he believes there’s a little Lem in every brother. In Henson’s words: “We all want to fight through adversities and feed our families.”

The show’s success definitely took Henson by surprise. Happy to even be on TV, he didn’t expect the audience to make Soul Food a paradigm Black families could model themselves on. He proudly brags about his chemistry with the cast, saying they’re like family both on and off the set.

Henson is increasing his repertoire by showing off his directing skills in the movie Violation. Starring Malik Yoba (New York Undercover) and Cynda Williams (Dorothy Dandridge Story and Mo Better Blues), Violation depicts two Gulf War veterans whose relationship may be compromised by their opposing outlooks on war.

As an incomparable choreographer whose dance abilities has blessed such artists as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and N-Sync, Henson got his start with the late legendary hip hop DJ, Scott La Rock at age 14, when he joined La Rock’s Vermont school tour.

Henson’s most recognizable dance routine by far is N-Sync’s Bye, Bye, Bye. His video, Darrin’s Dance Grooves, has also proven successful and he looks forward to starting production on a movie version in the future.

Henson is also trying to get more involved in his community. In an upcoming AIDS awareness campaign, he will speak to inner city youth about their choices in an effort to increase understanding of HIV/AIDS.

Much more than just a talented actor and choreographer, Henson is a true soldier in the entertainment game. He has extended his tenure in a very difficult industry by drawing on his talents to reinvent himself time and again. Henson will be doing this for years to come because he is talented, and he has the temperament for it. He balances life and industry with ease by valuing his privacy, trusting his abilities and remaining humble in his success.

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Kim Fields
During Kim's twenty plus years in show business, she has starred in two long running TV series, “The Facts Of Life” and “Living Single.” She has accumulated numerous starring credits in commercials, guest-starring roles, theater productions, TV movies, including BET's Hidden Blessing and Independent Feature Films, including “An Uninvited Guest” with Mekhi Pheifer and the forthcoming romantic comedy, “Me & Mrs. Jones.” Kim continues to receive critical acclaim as an actress in comedy or drama, on stage or on television. She has toured with the hit play “Vagina Monologues” and in 2003 received extraordinary reviews in “Pandora's Trunk,” the one-woman show in which she starred, as well as Neil Simon's “Barefoot In The Park,” which she also serves as Executive Producer.

2003 also finds Kim the Poet and Spoken Word artist performing globally at jazz festivals and spoken word lounges under the name 'Blondielocks'. Blondielocks has been in effect at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, the Tom Joyner Cruise and the Essence Music Festival to name a few. While her forthcoming Spoken Word CD entitled “Uninhibited” will hit stores early next year, this fall she's releasing a Smooth Jazz/Spoken Word CD available exclusively on-line entitled, “Smooth Is Spoken Here.” Blondielocks can currently be heard and seen on the new hit single 'Mocha Soul' by the group Impropm2. The stylish music video was also directed by Kim.

Ever since Kim saw her Mom Chip perform with Pearl Bailey in “Hello Dolly” (which served as Kim's introduction to the theater and to acting), theater has long been a passion for Kim. At age 7, Fields and her mother moved to LA from Harlem. Kim became an immediate sensation in television and commercials, starting with the famous “Mrs. Butterworth” syrup commercial. Such exposures lead to a co-starring role on the sitcom “Baby I'm Back,” followed by numerous commercials and guest starring roles. In 1979, Kim landed the role that would place her in worldwide celebrity and lead her to icon status: “The Facts of Life.” The sitcom had an amazing and successful nine-year run on NBC. The beloved series continues to run in syndication all over the world. Kim is a 1990 graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. While studying, she co-created, produced and hosted the award winning “Campus Spotlight: Live with Kim Fields.” This college talk show attracted celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Blair Underwood, Betty White, Sugar Ray Leonard and Gladys Knight as guests. After nearly a yearlong tour with the hit comedy play, “One Monkey Don't Stop No Show,” Fields returned to television to star in “Living Single” with Queen Latifah for five years on FOX. By the series' end, this became Kim's second sitcom in global syndication. Kim put her telecommunications degree to use by directing “Living Single” and several episodes of “Keenan & Kel” and “Taina” for Nickelodeon along with numerous music videos. She's also directed “The Jersey” for Disney Channel. When she made her stage directorial debut, with the hit comedy “Vanities,” she received the 1994 NAACP Theater Award for Best Director. In addition, Field's short film, “Silent Bomb,” which she co-wrote, directed and executive produced, received critical acclaim at screenings in NY and LA. She received endorsements from the Magic Johnson Foundation and she received the Black American Cinema Society's Director of the Year Award in 1995.

Needless to say Kim Fields has hit the ground running to get the next 25 years of her multi-faceted career off to a flying start, giving God thanks for the blessings every step of the way.

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Dave Hollister
“I think this album is gonna surprise a lot of people,” says R&B artist Dave Hollister about his third solo effort and first for new label home Motown Records. Basically, it's a little lighter and more positive about relationships, he explains. But there's still the problems that relationships go through. I'm talking about the good times and some of the bad times, but it's on a more positive note than the last couple of records. As proof of the new album's more positive tone, Hollister offers up several heartfelt paeans to love (Baby Do Those Things, My Everything), as well as seductive takes on the power of attraction (It's Okay, One Addiction) and the power of love (We Gonna Make It). As for the other side of the game, Hollister ruminates on love's duality (Love-Hate Relationship), confronts a combative lover (Tell Me Why) and grapples with an emotional tug-of-war (What Should I Say). Hollister admits he had some issues to work through early in his solo career. Consequently, his first solo album, Ghetto Hymns (1999), offered some hard-hitting views of urban romance. However, on the new album -- as he did on his second solo opus, Chicago 85… The Movie (2000) -- Hollister demonstrates a more insightful perspective on life and love. It's basically a more upbeat Dave Hollister - not only in his attitude toward life and love, but also in the grooves. I got a lot of tempo on this record, says Hollister, something that helps give Things In The Game Done Changed a welcomed variety of moods. That's gonna make for a nice concert. People don't want to sit there and hear you sing ballads all night. Though he deftly handles the more kicked-up tempos, his premiere ballad-singing skills are definitely on full display on the new album. Hollister again proves why he's one of the foremost balladeers in the business. For the production of his third solo outing, Hollister turned to one of his usual cohorts, Mike City (Brandy, Sunshine Anderson), and a notable lists of contributors, including Tank, Robert “Big Bert” Smith (Brandy), Bryan Michael-Cox (Mariah Carey, Jagged Edge), Loren Dawson (Ginuwine), Allen “Allstar” Gordon (Joe, SWV), Gerald Haddon (Vanessa Bell Armstrong) and Donnie Scantz (Toni Braxton, Chante Moore). As usual, Hollister worked quickly in the studio. Hollister is clearly excited about joining forces (Goodfellas Entertainment) with a new label -- and one with as storied a past as Motown. The label let us make the record. They trusted our judgement. And we feel comfortable cause they know what they're doing at Motown. They know what they're doing with R&B music. With Goodfellas Entertainment and Motown collaboration, more uptempo offerings and a new attitude, Hollister is definitely tweaking his winning formula. It's a record that he is proud of, and one that showcases how much Hollister has matured as an artist, a father and a man. “I had a lot of profanity, but I was mad. But now, I try not to use profanity even in my regular, daily life. Cause, for me, it's not cool,” says Hollister. “I'm really proud of this record, ‘cause it shows a more mature side of me.”

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Christopher Williams
Commonly known for his role in the major hit film New Jack City, which soundtrack launched the smooth yet headboppin No.1 single "Dreamin" skyrocketing through America’s charts. Williams took hold of the R&B industry when he released his 1st album "CW" which presented "Promises" and "Talk to Myself", both rated #3 on the top ten hit list. Shortly after, he mastered another album titled "Changes" that includes a duet with Mary J. Blidge called "Good Loving" and a remake of Teddy Pendergrass’s sensual, all time favorite cut "Come on Go with me". To follow he power housed with "Dance" an irresistible body shaking track featuring DJ Quik, and Hi-C. Latest to get released, is a heart melting album that is destined to sweep any woman off her feet titled "Not a Perfect Man". On this CD Christopher exposes all the qualities a woman could ever want in her mate! However, powerful but sweet music is not all he has to offer. Christopher Williams carries an extraordinary talent for the big screen as well as the theater. He unleashes his talent in the thrilling action pact film "Gun Men" where he co-stars with Mario Van Peeples. In the theatrical world, Williams recently returned from touring with a very popular stage play "Men Cry In The Dark," and again he delivered an astonishing performance! Unsurprisingly, he also toured with the legendary O’Jays, Whispers, and Luther Vandross. Christopher was than motivated to take a tour of his own. He decided to venture off, creating his own record label August/Renegade that bores another stunning CD "Real Men Do". In addition, he has also co-produced various other hot tracks. Referring to some of his proudest moments in the industry, he received The National Noriety Award for another soul touching track "You Will Know". The song is located on the well known motion picture "Jason’s Lyric" soundtrack. Williams was also issued an BET Award for his and Stephanie Mills remake of "Fire and Desire". He continuously proves that real artist never lose their spice. If he were described as a reptile, a chameleon would best suit him. In comparison, they both adapt very well to their environment. Christopher can pair up with anybody, anywhere and yet still produce excellent work! Inspired by a few of the greatest R&B artist, such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Teddy Pendergrass, Williams strives to become a modern day version of that combination. Does he succeed at the challenge? Yes! Which concludes an immaculate artist. There is so much more to love about him, aside from his great vocal skills and natural knack for acting. He possesses sex appeal, romance, sensitivity, strength, plus more. You name it and he’s got it! All these characteristic were entertainingly displayed in the #1 hit stage play "A House Is Not A Home". It presents you with breathtaking drama, while showering you with tear jerking comedy, and lots of mesmerizing melodies. Success is definitely of his nature. The show never ends! He pushes to go as far as he can possibly go. How does he do it? "People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan", Christopher added. "If one would carefully plan, than all things should fall in place. If all things fall in place, then you have achieved a goal! Achievement brings forth success. It lies within you, simply let it out.".

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LaToya London
WWith her composed demeanor, illuminating smile and beauty, and stunning voice, singer LaToya London captivated the country throughout the thrilling third season of the TV talent show, American Idol (2004). Even after coming in fourth place---belting out a bold farewell with the heart-piercingly apropos “Don’t Rain on My Parade” to a teary-eyed audience---LaToya knew that she was a champion at heart. Always had been, always would be.

One listen to the amazing breadth of her Peak Records debut, Love & Life, reveals a remarkably assured new artist who has only begun to show the world what she is made of. Where American Idol introduced millions to a warm and spirited young lady with gospel-hewn vocal power to burn, her first album reveals the flesh and blood woman behind “the voice.”

“I live my life by two mottos,” the emotionally centered LaToya shares: “Nothing in life is guaranteed” and “Everything happens for a reason.’ I never set myself up to get let down. When Idol came to an end for me, I was on to the next thing!” Initially, ‘Plan B’ for LaToya was to record and sell a CD on her own. “I knew at the very least the Bay Area had my back,” the spunky San Franciscan states. However, Peak Records President Andi Howard had something much richer in mind for Ms. London. “LaToya stood out to me the very first time I saw her on Idol,” she says. “When she was voted off, I was hopeful that we’d have a shot at bringing her into our family. I am thrilled that it has become a reality.”

The singer’s future was shrewdly placed into the hands of three highly seasoned professionals---Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand, and Diana Ross), Barry J. Eastmond (Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, and Anita Baker), and Rex Rideout (Lalah Hathaway, Angie Stone, and Angela Bofill), and then rounded out with several hot, up-and-coming R&B producers, including Omar Edwards (Jill Scott, The Roots, and Common) and Bradley Spalter (Babyface & K.C, and JoJo).

Altogether, LaToya had a hand in writing five of the tracks on Love & Life, but none was more special than the creation of “Waiting for You,” a reassuring song of inspiration that is very much reflective of her own career endeavors and milestones.

LaToya London was born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, CA. It was her mother’s roommate who discovered 4-year-old LaToya wailing on Whitney Houston’s “You Give Good Love.” Naturally, her proud mom had her singing in front of anybody who’d sit still long enough. “My first real gig [at 7] was singing ‘The Greatest Love of All’ at my mom’s wedding reception,” LaToya reveals. “Then she put me in talent shows, friends and family would hire me for events, and I was in all the church choirs. I was also a member of the Oakland Youth Chorus and sang with the gospel choir at Skyline High School where I also studied dance (jazz, ballet, and hip-hop).”

Upon graduating high school, LaToya went to live with her father in Richmond, California where she sang more demos and started writing her own songs in earnest. Tragedy struck, however, when her father passed away in October of 2000. Determined to get her career on track, LaToya moved down to Los Angeles to attend Musician’s Institute (MI).

Being on national television for several weeks may have given ardent Idol viewers the feeling that they know who the real LaToya London is, but the lady has news for them. “I’m a lot spunkier than I appeared to be on TV,” she decisively declares. Now with Idol behind her as a serendipitous launching pad for bigger and brighter days ahead, LaToya London is anxious to showcase the versatility and song craft of Love & Life, a CD that no doubt establish her as a bona-fide American star.

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