What Men Don't Tell [ The play formerly entitled PMS ]
Written by:
Laterras R. Whitfield

Dottie Peoples Gary Jenkins Lenny williams
Kenny Lattimore Chante Moore

Breaking into The U.S. Treasury is easier than a woman cracking the code to a man's heart. What Men Don't Tell is an inspirational play written and directed by LATERRAS R. WHITFIELD boasting an all-star cast as follows: the sultry voice of CHANTE MOORE, Stellar Award-winning gospel artist DOTTIE PEOPLES, sensational balladeer KENNY LATTIMORE, legendary crooner LENNY WILLIAMS, and former lead singer of the R&B group Silk- GARY JENKINS. In this drama/comedy, men face the decision to allow God to use the combination to their hearts and unlock them for their relationships. Women, do you often wonder What Men Don't Tell? In this drama/comedy, Mr. Whitfield not only unlocks the male heart but he leaves women the combination to use at their leisure. Whenever she wants to discover the buried treasure of her man, recall the map revealed in this well-written piece.

What Men Don't Tell is centered around three men, Patrick, Monticello, and Stephán. Patrick is the CEO/Owner of a marketing firm who has an obsession with power, Monticello is a platinum R&B singer, who has a strong love for money, and Stephán is a sales rep who can sell anything, including himself to different women and he's addicted to sex.

Turn the dial three times to the right and stop on Patrick. He's married to a backsliding Christian woman who believes her relationship with God has deteriorated since creating a covenant with him. She believes he uses costly gifts to maintain power over her. Patrick believes, "Power is just another word for control and a man has to have control over his wife or she'll just walk all over him."

Now turn two times to the left and stop on Monticello. He's at the peak of his career. He looks down from the mountain of success and senses a void in his life. He later begins to fill that void with a drug addiction. How can one be so depressed at his level of success?

Lastly, go to Stephán. He's a sensitive guy on a quest to find a true emotional connection with the opposite sex. However, his sexual urges always seem to block his heart from ever loving again. Again? You heard correctly. Through a teenage experience, he's grown to believe women want sex and only sex.

Now slowly open the vault. What do you see? You don't know? Good. Come see What Men Don't Tell and find out. The issues in this play are dealt with in a realistic way that will pierce your heart and show you how God can truly change a man's heart.

This play encompasses the trapped emotions of the male. It teaches us that saying, "I do" at the wedding altar, is a continual process throughout our marriages. For those who've become bored with gospel stage plays, Whitfield gives you a refreshing new taste in What Men Don't Tell. You will walk away saying, "This is definitely not your typical gospel stage play."

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Laterras R. Whitfield [ AUTHOR ]
Who would've thought that an expulsion from one's High School for gun possession, would be the destined measure to catapult that person into their purpose? Writer, director, and actor Laterras R. Whitfield is the effect of such cause.

At the rocky age of sixteen, he was expelled from High School for gun possession. Luckily, it was taken to be sold and not shot. He then enrolled in an alternative school for expelled youth to finish his sophomore year. It was there that he was first introduced to professional theatre. He was one of seven selected students chosen to take part in the student written and performed play entitled, Real Life. Moreover, this awarded young Whitfield recognition as a published playwright. The acclaim he received after this project, led him to realize his gift of writing.

Now at the enlightened age of twenty-five, Whitfield believes that "so often, African American, gospel plays are produced that degrade black men, surfacing problems without revealing the solution." So this trailblazer plans to focus on Christian based plays that cater to the redemption of males.

Local theater companies in Dallas, Texas have produced some of his other works. Showing his diversity he penned plays such as: Unseen Teens (teen drama), Who Drank the Kool-Aid? (comedy/mystery), and Lunch Line Blues (kid's comedy/drama), to name a few. He recently won TeCo Theatrical Productions One Act Play Competition and received a $1,000 cash award and two round trip American Airlines tickets.

God has blessed him to be is the writer and director of What Men Don't Tell and Tell It to the Judge (starring Judge Greg Mathis), both of which are on national tour.

Ultimately, his mission is to bring quality, innovative, Christian plays to a hurting nation. Mr. Whitfield's prayer is that through viewing his plays, men will assume their roles as leaders in their marriages. Furthermore, be on the lookout for his upcoming national production entitled, Thinking with the Wrong Head.

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Dottie Peoples
It's no wonder Dottie Peoples has been called "the gospel Patti LaBelle." When she sings, there's not a soul sitting in their seat. When she jumps around and even slides across the stage, the house is rockin'. A leader of the next generation of female gospel greats, a heritage passed down from Mahalia Jackson to Aretha Franklin to Shirley Caesar, Dottie appeal to youngsters, teenagers and young adults is extraordinary among artists labeled "traditional gospel." Her signature song, On Time God, has become that rare modern gospel classic which has been taken to heart by young and old, black and white a rarity in gospel music.

In 1990, Dottie began hosting, directing and producing "The Dottie Peoples' Showcase," a very popular gospel program on Atlanta radio station WAOK which ran until 1996. In 1991, she signed with Atlanta International Records and that same year she earned her first Stellar Awards nomination. Yet it's her appeal to youngsters, teens and young adults that's extraordinary among artists labeled "traditional gospel."

The eldest of 10 children, Dottie was born in Dayton, Ohio, where her father worked for General Motors. "I'm the only one who sings in my family," she says, adding with a laugh. "We'll never have that Winans Family thing going. My grandmother said that when I was little I told her I'm gonna be like Mahalia Jackson

Dottie is more than just a singer. She's also a producer, a spokesperson for companies such as Gillette (for hair product Lustrasilk) and Colbert's women's clothing store.

Her songs have indeed inspired and uplifted. With a loving, down-to-earth, up-to-heaven personality, and a singing style that gets listeners up out of their seats, Dottie has been able to draw people, particularly young people, to her side. "I guess it's because I'm quick to hug them," she says. They, in turn, have surely embraced Dottie Peoples.

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Kenny Lattimore
In every generation, a classic soul singer emerges who seamlessly blends innate sexuality and sensitivity into a singular persona. Listeners the world over have been set reeling by the irresistible allure and urgency of great vocal stylists like Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green, and more recently, D'Angelo. New, with his amazing new set, Weekend, marking his Artista Records debut, Kenny Lattimore stands ready to inherit that torch and set the desires among legions of women aflame.

The charismatic singer-songwriter began tempting listeners in 1996 with his first self-titled, gold-certified album, spawning the Grammy-nominated R&B/crossover hit "For You." That now-classic track went on to become a staple at weddings worldwide. The album also earned Lattimore a 1997 NAACP Image Award for Best New Artist. He followed in 1998 with the revelatory, critically acclaimed From the Soul of Man. On Weekend, he delivers an 11-track collection that alternately percolates and simmers, showing the young singer is equally at home whether he's pumping out a party jam or serenading a lover with a passionate ballad. Those checking for the sensitive, yet powerful vocalist won't be disappointed.

Counting such singers' singers as Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan and Jennifer Holiday among his early influences, Lattimore was born and raised in Washington, DC. As one of seven children in a musically oriented family that loved R&B, funk, gospel, and jazz, he grew up singing in the church, performing in talent shows, and studying classical and chamber music. While attending Howard University with an eye toward career in architecture, Lattimore followed his voice instead. While still a student, he joined a vocal group, which secured a recording contract. He later left the group to pursue his own creative endeavors.

Although future plans include pursuing acting, music remains his dominant muse, "Music is so powerful, it goes into your spirit," concludes Lattimore. "And my key is the key of real. That's why people feel they who I am. Weekend isnt a mysterious album. It's very accessible and a lot of people will be able to relate to it. I'm grateful that God has given me the opportunity to sing and that people are still excited to hear my voice."

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Gary Jenkins
Gary was born in Nashville, Tennessee, was educated at Nashville area schools and attended Tennessee State University. He was given a gift of natural vocal and musical ability at a very young age. Gary is a singer, songwriter, and musician, who plays a number of instruments (keyword, lead and bass guitar, drums, percussion, etc.). He worked as the Assistant Minister of Music at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Nashville. He also was affiliated with "The Bobby Jones Gospel Show." Gary presently is the lead singer of the Multi platinum group "Silk." He has appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show, Jay Leno, New York Undercover and many others. He presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is producing. Gary loves the Lord and aspires to be Chief Executive Officer of his own entertainment company.

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Chanté Moore
Her music is at once sensuous, romantic and loving. Passion, intimacy, and warmth are the ingredients she uses to create just the right vibe, the perfect mood for love. Her own heartfelt compositions, jazzy grooves, and soulful ballads are her stock in trade. When she performs, her music comes alive with vibrancy and energy. She is strikingly beautiful: elegant, yet accessible; a minister's daughter who came of age in San Francisco and San Diego, singing along to gospel records and setting her own poetry to George Duke and Lee Ritenour jams. In her teen years, Moore decided to pursue a career in music after being inspired by the reaction she got to her role in a high school production of The Wiz.

A LOVE SUPREME is the important next step in Chanté Moore's ever-growing career, a natural musical progression from her gold debut, PRECIOUS. The first release from Louil Silas, Jr.'s MCA-affiliated label, PRECIOUS spawned two Top 5 R&B hits: "Love's Taken Over" and "It's Alright." Tracks like "As If We Never Met," "Candlelight and You" (a duet with Keith Washington), and "Who Do I Turn To" helped to create a foundation for Moore, ensuring that PRECIOUS stayed on Billboard's R&B charts for more than a year.

The public's response to Moore's sensuous blend of pop, soul, and jazz resulted in some remarkable achievements for the vocalist. In addition to appearances on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," "The Arsenio Hall Show," "Showtime at the Apollo," "The Essence Awards" and the 1993 "Soul Train Music Awards," Moore was featured in the first-of-its-kind one-hour BET special, "Candlelight and You: Chanté Moore Live." Four years after LOVE SUPREME, Moore released her third album, THIS MOMENT IS MINE. In late 2000 she released EXPOSED, featuring the production talents of Jermaine Dupri and the team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. In EXPOSED, Chante Moore reveals a side of herself that fans have never seen. Her latest project THINGS LOVERS DO, an album of duets with her husband and sensational balladeer Kenny Lattimore, is a window into their tight-as-a-glove relationship, and as an inspiration to those on the path to love. And with this album, both Kenny Lattimore and Chante' Moore have reached new music chart position career highs.

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Lenny Williams
Oakland, California native Lenny Williams possesses one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music. With his rich, passionate style, he is rightfully regarded as one of the 70's most influential soul men. Using his God-given gift, Williams began his musical career making records that have subsequently become R&B and pop classics, like the mega-hit, "Cause I Love You" recorded on his solo album, and as the lead singer for Tower of Power, "So Very Hard To Go." Lenny Williams' voice transcends into the new millennium...he sounds better than ever, and can be heard putting his unique stamp on Brian McKnight's hit, "Anytime."

A brief spell with Atlantic Records was followed by Williams' decision to put his solo career on hold in 1972, when he joined the emerging funk band, Tower of Power. During his two years with the group, Williams participated in three milestone albums; the gold LP Tower of Power, Back To Oakland, and Urban Renewal, while touring non-stop throughout the United States.

Lenny later returned to his solo activities, signing with Motown then to ABC Records where he scored chart hits like "Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh!" "Choosing You," "You Got Me Running," "Love Hurt Me, Love Healed Me," and "Midnight Girl."

In all, Lenny recorded four albums from 1977 to 1980. These albums established a solid and loyal following for Lenny Williams, and the impact can still be felt. Over the past few years, Lenny Williams has continued his solo career, touring Europe and South Africa, while continuing to do shows in the United States. He recently shared stages with Aretha Franklin, The Whispers, Cameo, Boney James, Bobby Womack, The Ohio Players, Roger & Zapp, Johnny Taylor, Usher, K-Ci & JoJo and Montell Jordan. Lenny devotes a good deal of time between performing, recording and writing, to work with various high school youth and drug prevention programs.

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